Buying a used vehicle should never have to cause undue anxiety. Unfortunately, for many Jacksonville drivers, it can, which is why more and more of them are turning to certified pre-owned programs for their next car.

What's a certified pre-owned vehicle, you ask?

Simply put; it's the closest thing to a middle ground between buying new and buying used Jacksonville drivers can get. They are pre-owned vehicles with a lesser amount of usage that have been refurbished to be like new.

While every auto manufacturer has a certified pre-owned program, Acura is constantly innovating on theirs; offering new ways for customers to get better value out of their purchase or lease.

For instance, the Acura Loyalty Lease Program offers exclusive advantages that you can't get anywhere else. These advantages revolve around mileage, which as any experienced lessee can tell you, is always something that's on your mind. The Acura Loyalty Advantage helps minimize these concerns with its waiver option. If you do end up over your mileage limit, up to half of an excess mileage count of 7,500 can be waived with no questions asked.

On the flip side, if you're the kind of driver that worries about not using up all your mileage by the end of your lease, any unused miles you have can be rolled over to your next lease. On top of that, your next Acura lease will get an additional 1,000 miles added on to it, giving you more freedom than ever.

Another major perk of opting for a certified pre-owned Acura is that you'll automatically become an Acura Care Motor Club Partner. You'll have benefits such as emergency roadside assistance, reimbursement for trip interruption expenses (including rental cars), concierge service, and three months of SiriusXM Radio. You'll also have a three-month trial of AcuraLink, which allows you to connect an Apple or Android device to your vehicle and access features such as vehicle health reports, remote start, and Amazon in-car package delivery.

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