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Schedule Regular Service will Help Your Acura in Jacksonville

Having your Acura serviced routinely at Duval Acura does more than prolong your car's life. Our service department offers preventative maintenance that makes Ponte Vedra Beach Acura drivers and passengers safer and more comfortable.

Fluid Flush And Filters Replacement

Several of your Acura systems operate on fluids.

  • Drive train
  • Cooling
  • Braking
  • Power steering

Eventually, automotive fluids break down and become corrupted by dirt and rust. Liquids like oil and coolant need regular replacement, and specific components, including the radiator and transmission, have to be flushed of debris by our service tech.

Filters trap debris that otherwise would enter your engine and transmission. The air your Acura's engine and its occupants breathe is cleansed by filters. In time all filters lose their effectiveness. Our service team has the replacement filters Orange Park Acura owners need.

Brakes, Suspension, And Tires

St. Augustine drivers know the dangers of driving on overly worn tires. Our service department can replace your bare tread tires. To help sound tires last longer, we offer balancing and tire rotation.

While the Duval Acura technicians have your tires off, ask to have your brakes checked. If pads, rotors, or lines need replacing, have us take care of it immediately.

Safe, reliable handling depends on the correct positioning of suspension components. Everyday driving alters the symmetry of your Acura's suspension. Our team uses the latest technology to put a Jacksonville customer's Acura back into proper alignment.

Batteries, Belts, Hoses, And Windshield Wipers

Preventative maintenance includes inspecting belts and hoses and load testing the battery. Have our service department check and, if necessary, replace worn-out belts and hoses. Ask us to replace a weak battery with one made specifically for your Acura. Don't wait until your windshield wipers become ineffective to have a technician replace them. Acura drivers can consult their owner's manual or our service team to create a servicing schedule.

Schedule your next visit with our service team at Duval Acura. The process is quick and easy. You'll get in and out in no time.